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Does Online Content Influence Buyers?

In a 2020 roundup of stats from industry experts, The Marketing Blender shared key insights that will help us all understand what’s happening in B2B buying.

  • An estimated 73% of millennials in the workforce are involved in the purchasing process when it comes to products or services at their companies.
  • In businesses with 100-500 employees, seven people are involved in the buying decision on average.
  • Most buyers (70%) define their own needs before reaching out to a salesperson, while 44% identify their preferred solution before reaching out.
  • 9/10 of buyers indicated online content has a moderate to major impact on their purchasing outcomes.
  • 80% of decision-makers value a series of content over ads.
  • Engineers are consuming 24% more content than a year ago – and most of that content (84%!) is online.

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